1. DISCUSSION 1 – Personal experience (at least 100 words) Based on your persona

DISCUSSION 1 – Personal experience (at least 100 words)
Based on your personal opinion or experience, which genre of the creative
arts – art, music, architecture, literature, or philosophy — best represents
the human condition and the times? Just choose ONE. Be
sure to give a SPECIFIC example to illustrate your ideas. Quesiton no 2. 150 words is fine Notes –
your chapter 2 readings list FOUR things from the reading on Greece (pgs.
33-66). Create 1 topic per chapter section: Ancient Greek Civilization,
Athens and the Golden Age, Greek Philosophy, The Classical Style, The
Hellenistic Age.
Add 3 to 5
sentences of fatual information from your reading to each of
the topics on your list. Include the page number where you got your
information from the textbook (or points will be deducted). You
can write about some observations or personal opinions on your topics. However, that will be in additional to the 3-5 sentences of information.
Topic 1
1. Sentence 2. Sentence 3. etc. (p. 125) or (p. 125-127)
Instructions: Question 3 ( 150 words ) Choose one of
the following questions and write a 150-350-word response to the question
(points deducted for not meeting word count requirements – see posting in
Modules folder for how to calculate word count). Include the question at
the top of your response. Remember – you MUST put information in your own
words (this includes information from your textbook and online sources) or it
is considered plagiarism and you will receive a score of 1 on the
assignment. Make sure all specific examples (Name of
a work and name of the creator) are from the time period being
studied (points will be deducted if inappropriate examples are given.)
. Question
no 3: Name TWO examples of philosophy
developed by Aristotle or Plato.
Explain each philosophy
Do you agree or disagree with
each one? Why?

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