1. Make a response to the post below. 2. Minimum of 150 words 3. Cite every sent

1. Make a response to the post below.
2. Minimum of 150 words
3. Cite every sentence
Discussion post.
“The period between graduation and settlement into the profession for the newly graduated nurses( transition period) is very critical. It could be characterized by a gap between what the nurses had learned in their school and the reality of the practice, leading to depression, dissatisfaction, and burnout that could lead to leaving the profession very early (Blomberg & Welander, 2019).
Many studies blamed nursing schools for what they called the “reality shock” newcomers face when they enter the practice. Others refer it to as the knowledge versus competence that produced a lack of certainty (Blomberg & Welander, 2019).
One of the organizations in Sweden suggested an orientation period that could last up to 12 weeks for the newly graduated nurses in their first year of practice. In addition to that, a specific orientation on the department that new nurses will work in, this kind of behaviour from the healthcare institutes makes the freshly graduated nurses feel that the working place is investing time and money on them and, they are part of the institution and valuable to it (Blomberg & Welander, 2019).
Encouraging new nurses to talk about their challenges in their workplace will enhance the trust between them and the leaders and colleagues. Also, training will help polish nurses’ skills and encourage positive new ideas from the fresh graduate nurses. Moreover, providing emotional support to the new nurses could reduce burnout by validating their emotional distress during their first year (Blomberg & Welander, 2019).”

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