1- Pick any country of your interest and search for data for the following six v

1- Pick any country of your interest and search for data for the following six variables from years 2000 to 2018. Make sure all of the data are in the same unit (either millions, billions or trillions). If the data sources are giving you different units, please convert them all to be in the same unit. If you don’t know how to convert from say millions to billions or vice versa, Ask google. It should be easy. – Real GDP
– Consumption spending
– Investment spending
– Government spending
– Exports
– Imports https://library.law.yale.edu/news/75-sources-economic-data-statistics-reports-and-commentary
2- Graph Each variable in the variable data page. – Ask excel to graph the variable for you. If you don’t know how to graph it, watch a YouTube video. – On the vertical axis you can put the variable and on the horizontal axis you will put the years.
3- In the second page (for the variable) write a report about the variable in three points as follows,
A- What is the variable: Define it.
B. How it changed across the 18 years? Increased? Decreased? Increased then decreased? ….etc.
C. Why you think it changed the way it did. This “Why” Part is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the whole project. Dedicate at least two paragraphs to elaborate on it. Be aware that 50% of the grade of this project will be on this part. You Collected the data, graphed it and described it and did all this work in order to be able to explain WHY this variable changed the way it did. Be analytical, be creative and generous.
Be as detailed as you can in this part. Read about the variable and try to understand why it changed and what happened to it in the last 18 years. Where can you read about that? Below a list of 11 websites on which you can find helpful readings. Just go there and search using the variable name and the country name. You are welcome to watch YouTube videos for news about the variable behavior for the years of your interest. This project really needs good reading and a lot of thinking. Give it time and effort as much as you care about 50% of your course grade. Never copy anything from anywhere. This project should be your original work.
4- Make sure to cite every source that you use either for data or for information about the variable in the last page of your projects. C: Sources for readings
1- Washington Post
2- The Economist Magazine
3- New York Times
4- CNN
5- Economist’s View
6- The Big Picture
7- Eye On Housing macroeconomics
8- BBC
9- Bloomberg
10- Market watch
11- Google
D: Project Over view
The project should include 12 Pages for the 6 variables (2 pages for each variable). For each variable in the first page, you can list the data (in a table) and post the graph for this data in the same page. Any chart type you may like is fine; in the second page (for the variable) write your report about the variable discussing “What, how and why”. Plus, One additional page for the references.

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