1. USE Google Earth (or Google Maps) street view to do the tour. Write up an ov

1. USE Google Earth (or Google Maps) street view to do the tour. Write up an overview and history of the Tenement Museum located in NY.
The following is the outline for the paper.
2. A city needs to provide three environments:
A. Residential – where people live
B. Commercial – where people work
C. Public – where people live their lives – parks, shopping, and entertainment
3. Does Battery Park City (BPC) in nyc supply these environments? You must give specific examples. (use google earth or google maps) pics will be lovely
4. The Tenement Museum you will experience the environment in which new emigrants lived. But what were their living conditions in their home country? What were the living conditions in the country where your ancestors came from? What made them move thousands of miles to a world they had only heard about? (use a journal/ peered reviewed article as a refernce)
Those are the questions you will answer in this part of your paper. You will go about this in either one of two ways:
4. If you have a living relative that immigrated to this country ask them – what was it like in the “old country”, why did you move here, what were living conditions like when you first got here, would you ever move back, etc? (the relative will be my grandmother, you can include that their home country was poor and did not have much educational and living resources)

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