3-4 pages. MLA format. For this essay, please choose one character from My Hero

3-4 pages. MLA format.
For this essay, please choose one character from My Hero Academia to study and analyze. You may choose to engage in a discussion on how this character engages with masculinity OR how they engage with oversexualization and its overall effect on the character. Provide a proper contextualization for your argument using credible sources (from the course or outside). Be sure to engage with multiple specific moments from one or more of the following episodes: S2 Ep. 6, 9, 10, 24. Feel free to use other episodes that we did not watch in class.
Your essay should include a thesis statement that clearly defines your argument.
Some questions to consider: Does this character engage in a form of toxic masculinity and how/why? If not, how does this character engage with their masculinity; how/why? Does this character affect the masculinity shown by others; how/why? What forms of oversexualization are you seeing in regards to this character? How does this affect your understanding or connection to this character and why? Do you believe the character is not being oversexualized? If so, how and why?
These are just questions to get you started–your essay, as stated above, should make an argument about a particular character and their relationship/relevance to our conversations on masculinity OR oversexualization. Do not try to answer both.
Though you are not required to use outside sources, you may choose to do so (if it improves your argument in some way).
Links for the anime are provided below. Please watch and write based on season 2, episodes 6, 9, 10, and 24.

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