A 20-year veteran police officer, who is well respected in the community for imp

A 20-year veteran police officer, who is well respected in the community for important criminal apprehensions and community policing initiatives, as well as, for his humane and positive treatment of citizens in distress has come before the board for discipline for an incident in which he has just been identified on video as the primary assailant in the beating of an innocent man who was mistakenly believed to be the person responsible for the attack of another police officer a week earlier. The victim officer in the attack did not die; however, her injuries will require mulitple surgeries and several months of rehabilitation. It is possible, the officer will never return to work. The video and accompanying audio are clear and comprehensive, showing the incident from beginning to end.
The officer is now before you on disciplinary charges. He does not deny the incident, but also offers no explanation. In determining the action to be taken, (1) how do you balance a sustained positive career against a single heinous act? (2) What punishment would you impose, and why?
For this assignment, you are to answer the questions (both 1 and 2), and justify your answers in an unbiased manner in no less that 1 1/2 – 2 pages. APA guidelines will apply to this assignment. You must have an APA title page, 1 1/2 – 2 pages of content, and a References page with a minimum of 1 source citation (reference). Submit your completed assignment as a word document via the dropbox provided.

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