A mini 2 page analysis essay on film CINEMA PARADISO. Please read the instructio

A mini 2 page analysis essay on film CINEMA PARADISO. Please read the instructions Im attaching as a docuemnt.
These are general frameworks for structuring your
1. What elements of cinema are at play, and how do
they enhance or distract from the overall goal? 2. How does the subject matter make a
difference? What is the “so what” or why
does the director present the content in the way that he/she does? How does it matter in the world? Include the context of the movie, the place
and time it was made. 3. Does the movie fit into the national cinema from
which it was made? How do you think
others might perceive it? How was it received
on the world stage? Use MLA or APA citation style. Research outside sources and/or use the
sources in this week’s readings as starting points. Be sure to cite any information you include
in your essay. Here are some questions specifically about Cinema
1. Nostalgia for community life can be found in Cinema
Paradiso. Analyze how this is
handled with cinematic techniques using film language. 2. Love for cinema (or cinephilia) parallels love
for humans in Cinema Paradiso. How is this shown in the storyline? How is this shown in cinematic techniques? 3. How does the narrative timeline work to convey
the meanings of love, choice, history in Cinema Paradiso?
4. Analyze the differences between the edited and
longer versions of the movie. What was
the reception and why?
5. How is the film situated in Italian film
6. Analyze the use of movies within the movie. 7. Is real life like the movies? How is this question treated in the film?

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