Almost all of you have stated that you agree physical punishment (spankings) is

Almost all of you have stated that
you agree physical punishment (spankings) is fine as long as it does not
“cross the line.” Remember that not every parent has the same
measuring stick as to what is or is not considered abuse. What is that
fine line as a professional? It’s a difficult question because over 90% of
substantiated cases of physical abuse are intended to be discipline, but things
go too far. However, if this is the method of disciple you advocate, what are
you going to be able to offer parents you work with? Your assignment this week
is to research that topic and answer the questions below. Please cute all
references you use.
Imagine you are a human service or
social worker assisting parents who are in your office because it was reported that the father was
seen publicly spanking his 5-year-old daughter in the grocery store parking
lot. The witness states it was severe. The parents insist that the
daughter was not harmed physically, and there were only a few small bruises but
that the girl bruises easily. The parents admit that they do spank their
children “whenever needed” and that it’s within their rights to do so.
have ascertained so far that there have been no police reports or previous
reports of abuse from the parents or school systems, and there have been
no suspicious hospital reports. The children have not yet been
In this current session, you are to provide education to the
parents on discipline methods as well as what indicates abuse by answering the
following questions below. If you do not use or intend to use corporal
punishment with your kids, answer as if you are assisting a co-worker.
1. What supported would you
provide to this family that are appropriate and research-based techniqes that
the parents could consider for the 4-year-old? (BONUS HINT: Some of which
can be found in my books, I know this because I was there when I wrote them,
but many other sources as well). Not as a parent-to-parent but as a
professional to a parent. I am asking about specific techniques you. 2. How do you educate the
parents on the lines between physical punishment and abuse? How are you going
to motivate them by your telling other people to raise their children
differently than you raise yours? Please consider just telling people the right
answer, assuming you have it, is not a mechanism of changing behavior. If it
was, every person in the United States who smoked would have stopped when the
Surgeon General placed a warning that smoking can kill you. Otherwise, you
could simply tell a family you’re working with that the methods they use to
raise their children, so don’t do that anymore. In this magical world of
unicorns and cotton candy, the parents would say something like, “It is.
Huh. I won’t do that anymore. The thought of just stopping never occurred to us
at all”.

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