Analyze the cultural aspects and transformations of a “global food”. Some exampl

Analyze the cultural aspects and transformations of a “global food”.
Some examples of food that is globally known include “Burger” “Chicken Tikka” or “Sake” – but
there are many many more possibilities!
4-pages minimum, 12 font, double-spaced, Times New Roman font
– Chart the origins and transformations of a food globally of your choice through nations and
cultures, utilizing concepts and ideas learned in your course lectures
– How and why do you define this food as “global”? What are its national and/or regional origins?
What is the secret of its success? What cultural significance does this food have and does it
change in different cultures?
– Use some of the terms we defined in class in your analysis, such as: culture, cuisine, identity,
essentialism, orientalism, discourse, nation. How are these terms relevant to the analysis of your
– Cite minimum 2 reliable sources – sources can be online or print sources
– Keep citations from other authors to a minimum ad use citation marks always.
Content Specific elements of the assignment are met:
Organization Appropriate use of sections (introductory material in introduction, etc.) ___
Paragraphs are well organized and precisely constructed ___
Transitions between paragraphs and sections are smooth ___
Sentences are clear and precise ___
Grammar is correct ___
Spelling is accurate ___
Wording is professional, not colloquial ___
Relevant sources adequately cited and summarized ___
Accurate interpretation of sources (points, parallels) ___
Appropriate number and quality of sources ___
Sources are relevant to topic, provide adequate support ___
Level of coverage (detail) is appropriate to assignment ___
Level of analysis is commensurate with the material covered during the semester _____
Analysis connects meaningfully to ideas and concepts discussed in course lectures and readings ____

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