Analyze your personal diet – not optional, this is important for your understand

Analyze your personal diet – not optional, this is important for your understanding.
Record and analyze your food intake for three 24 hour periods (Computer analysis is preferable, best program comes with MindTap.) Analyze the cumulative print-out for three days. Compare your results with the DRI’s. Write yourself a diet prescription explaining how you could improve your dietary intakes of nutrients by eating different foods, different eating patterns, etc. (Usually 4-6 pages are sufficient with your proposed 3-meal menu). See specific directions in the documents listed below. Be sure to relate your findings to your current level of health, sports and exercise.
Some students are enrolled in other nutrition courses. If this is you, then you may see the diet analysis project in both courses. You may NOT turn in the same assignment in both courses. You can analyze the same diet but for each class you need to review a different aspect of the diet in your discussion. For example in Sports Nutrition you may look at the topics covered in that class more in-depth and think along the lines of nutrition in relation to exercise, calories burned or dietary choices in relation to metabolism. In Nutrition and Disease you may want to discuss and analyze the diet in relation to overall health or potential health issues that could occur due to identified dietary deficiencies etc. Whatever choice you make your discussion and review should be different so the assignment is clearly different.
There are two goals for this project: 1.) learn the analysis process, and 2.) gain some personal insight about yourself and your food intake. So, as usual, the more of diet analysis information the better in terms of drawing conclusions. The suggested number of pages is just a guideline, not a rule. Tables and graphs are good communication tools but don’t have to be exhaustive. DO NOT TURN IN YOUR FOOD INTAKE LISTS – we don’t grade what foods you eat – just your nutrient analysis. Mainly, we just want your DRI vs your average 3-day intake and the +/-% of the diet you eat.
NOTE: the free online programs mentioned in the video have become unavailable. Use the ‘Diet & Wellness Plus’ tool in MindTap listed on your Dashboard (green apple icon ) or a popular NEW program: Cronometer: Track nutrition & count calories (Links to an external site.)
If using the Diet & Wellness Plus tool in MindTap, go to: (Links to an external site.) first to watch a video explanation of the tool.
AND, see the Diet analysis instructions revised.docx Download Diet analysis instructions revised.docx for Dietary Intake Guidelines. Then enter your diet into the analysis program (green apple icon ) and analyze your results. It works! Give it a try. Scroll over to “Reports” and find “DRI” and “3-day Avg” for the paper you will write.
It’s always interesting, especially if you are involved in some active “health/exercise” program. So, do the “process” but then personalize the results – you will gain benefit from that activity.
Two example analyses are given for you to see.
SampleDietAnalysis.docx Download SampleDietAnalysis.docx Example of a good diet analysis – female – just some thoughts – yours doesn’t have to be exactly the same.
sample diet analysis male.docx Download sample diet analysis male.docx

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