Answer the discussion board. I need it to be short a sweet. only one paragraph e

Answer the discussion board. I need it to be short a sweet. only one paragraph each. so 2 paragraphs in total. 1. Erika Torres
As a home health hospice nurse I do some of my visits in nursing homes or ALF. I have hear staff talking openly about patients refereeing to them with their names, and talking about issues they are having.
Also had family members forcing patients to make a ” good decision” or just making those decision for them. I have learn with time on how to approach family members saying “must be hard to see your mom/dad/brother/son make a poor decision but they have the “right “to make poor decisions and will just have to talk to them on consequences of those.
Protecting patient privacy and confidentiality was what I was talking above.
As nurse we have to be knowledgeable and find the best way to explain ethical issues to coworkers, family members, and other people to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
2 Kody Simpson
Jul 10 at 10:46am
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An ethical issue I have witnessed in my nursing experience is hospitals being inadequately staffed to support patient needs and clinicians maintaining the decision making authority regarding patient care.
Pertinent ethical principles to the aforementioned situation include “inadequate resources and staffing” and “shared patient decision making” (Avant Healthcare Professionals, 2021).
These principles came into play when I saw patients not being adequately taken care of. During a mental health clinical I witnessed patients having their basic hygiene being ignored. There was literal excrement near them and some smelt like they hadn’t been bathed. The ethical principle of inadequate resources and staffing was violated since the staff present wasn’t adequate to rectify these issues in a timely manner. The other ethical principle of shared patient decision making was violated when some staff mentioned these patients had little say in their treatment plans since they suffered from mental conditions. I played no role in these situations as I was student not allowed to intervene.
Kody Simpson
Kody Simpso
Jul 10 at 10:46am

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