Answer the following question after reading the discussion post below. Watch all

Answer the following question after reading the discussion post below. Watch all the video links below.
– What are 3 lessons learned and how would you use these going forward?
Discussion Post:
Discussion: Group Decision-Making Videos
Critical and innovative thinking is necessary for making sound judgments. One person can make hasty judgments that turn out to be counterproductive. In group decision-making, every person presents their point of view. The possibilities are weighted to find the right decision, and the best alternative is chosen and applied. The best and worst clips from group decision-making films are analyzed in this research.
An excellent and well-executed instructional film may be found in the first clip. The movie from Decision Education effectively explained the many aspects of decision-making by leveraging an enticing visual context. The video’s creator did an excellent job of making it simple to follow and comprehend. In addition, he drew on situations that are all too familiar, such as selecting a restaurant for dinner. As part of the module’s background materials, he explored issues including decision fatigue, communication, clarification, preferences, alternatives, information, and more. Despite this, the video’s creator cared to keep it under two minutes. Even though he made sure it wasn’t too long, he still managed to get a lot of information. The video may be seen below; click on the link to get to it.

The Delphi Method is explained in the second video. As a result, I was a little put off by this post, which was full of helpful information but lacked clarity in its numerical descriptions. I had to rewatch the video many times to grasp the ideas being discussed fully. In addition, the author’s monotonous speaking voice detracted from the video’s appeal. It would be an excellent movie if the author added some visual explanations or images. You can find the second video here.


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