Assignment has TWO parts: First Part: Uploading Your Peer-Reviewed, Research Art

Assignment has TWO parts:
First Part: Uploading Your Peer-Reviewed, Research Articles:
You must upload each required peer reviewed research article that you are citing in the Turnitin Forum in addition to submitting your paper for grading. If you do not do this, points will be deducted (see rubric).
All articles must fit the criteria listed on the instructions and be full articles not just abstracts etc.
Second Part:
Format of this Writing Assignment:
1) This 3-5 page APA paper (does not include the title page or the reference page) is to be in APA format.
2) APA formatting applies and includes the following for your paper (but not limited to): ***Please note that here at UL you MUST include a running head in your APA paper. This is based on each institutional preference.
A) Page numbers
B) A Title page
C) Headings D) Reference page
E) Nursing journals are preferred but other professional peer reviewed journals are acceptable.
F) A minimum of 3 references is required. See the article: What Is A Peer Reviewed Article? You may use your textbooks, but these are not peer-reviewed journal articles and will not count as a required reference. H) This assignment requires current peer-reviewed research. Remember, recent is less than five years old. Articles must be based within the United States only.
*Abstracts are not required for writing assignments in this course.
Instructions for the Paper:
1. Define Nursing Informatics and why it is important to us as nurses?
2. Discuss the rapid growth of computer systems, why are there benefits of keeping current trends and developments?
3. Discuss advantages such as error prevention, and challenges of Information Systems (IS) such as a breach of confidentiality and hackers.
4. Describe 2 examples of healthcare informatics and implications for nursing.
*5. For this assignment, in addition to your summary, you are to include your personal thoughts about the use of informatics in healthcare, by identifying your experiences with informatics, and what you see as your needs to advance your knowledge of tools available to utilize the concept of informatics in health care delivery.
*You may use first person in your document for #5

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