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AVOCADO Green Mattress
https://bcorporation.net/directory/avocado-green-mattress (Links to an external site.)
Directions for B Impact Assessment
You are a consultant hired by Avocado to help the company improve its score in one area of impact. Your goal is to suggest concrete actions the company could take to improve its score based on your analysis. In order to implement these actions, Avocado will have to initiate change within the company and you have to help them structure it in such a way that delivers a sustainable change and really engages the people who work for the company by using one of the change management models.
Follow the link above and download the Avocado Transparent Assessment 2020 pdf file.
Examine materials and information available to you via the B Lab page and the company’s 2020 report as it relates to the Customers Impact Area (this section begins on p. 71 of the pdf report).
Once you review the materials, in 350 words , propose a way for the company to increase its scores for the Customers Impact Area by covering two following points:
1. Propose one change management model (out of the ones COVERED in this course) to structure the change and explain your selection.
2. Propose concrete actions the company might take to drive score improvement. Explain why you are suggesting them, and how you think these actions would change the company score.
Leave at least three other comments to other students over at least two days to be considered for the maximum score.
Use this exercise as an opportunity to complete the following three items which will help you with the Capstone assignment:
1. Explore and identify an area of the Impact Assessment you are most interested in
2. Gather inspirational ideas from other students and use this as an opportunity to ask them questions about how they think about this change initiative
3. Prepare a high-level outline and jot down best practices that might help you with the final assignment
**No more than 600 word please**

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