Choose one of the period rooms below and write a 2-3 page paper: Analyzing its s

Choose one of the period rooms below and write a 2-3 page paper:
Analyzing its spatial layout, furnishings, materials and additional features.
Describing the background of the designer/architect and that of the owner as well as the function that the room might have originally served.
Answering at least two of the following questions:
——How did the cultural, religious, political, economic context inform this room’s appearance?
—— How is the room different today than in its original context? What has changed and why?
—— How did the interior arrive at its current institution? What questions does this raise for conservation and/or repatriation?
The Temple of Dendur (MMA) Mastaba Tomb of Perneb (MMA)
Bedroom from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale (MMA)
Chapter House from Notre Dame de Pontaut (The Cloisters)
Sudiolo from the Ducal Palace in Gubbio (MMA)
Shoin Room modeled after a room at the Kangaku-in, outside Kyoto (MMA)
Damascus Room (MMA)
Bedroom from the Sagredo Palace (MMA)
Boudoir from the Hotel de Crillon (MMA)
Moorish Smoking Room, Worsham-Rockefeller House (Brooklyn Museum)
Wisteria Dining Room (MMA)
Weil-Worgelt Study (Brooklyn Museum)
Use the museum websites and online resources in the Pratt Library (such as e-journals, e-books and other databases) to find additional information. Random blogs and websites are NOT good sources in an academic paper!
Make sure to properly cite your sources for images and information using MLA bibliographic style: General Writing Tips:
Outline your paper first. Each paragraph should have a clear and distinct purpose, and should begin with a topic sentence that declares that purpose–or directly expands on the paragraph before it.
Use full sentences; check for run-on sentences.
Avoid the repetition of the same word over and over again.
Delete overly personal phrases such as “I find it interesting that…” or “I think”.
Be careful and specific in your descriptions–is it just “blue” or aqua, sapphire, turquoise, cobalt, cerulean, etc.?
Avoid describing the works in terms of vague personal judgement (beautiful, pretty, awesome, good).

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