Citrine Software Solutions (CSS) is an Ottawa, Canada-based company that develop

Citrine Software Solutions (CSS) is an Ottawa, Canada-based company that
develops, implements and supports software-as-a-service (SaaS) products for
human resources and business process management issues. Amanda draw the
attention of senior management for her success in two projects, one of them
related to exploring opportunities in South Asia, in Vietnam. In recognition of
her work, she is sent to Hanoi to launch a Vietnamese subsidiary. Amanda begins
her journey with cross-cultural challenges and threats that will derail her
This is an individual case study, so you should prepare a document
answering the following questions. Remember to use the material provided in the
course and use this knowledge to solve the case.
Was Amanda the right person to be CEO of the
Vietnam subsidiary company?
If you were Mark Feinsted, how would you
evaluate Amanda’s work to date?
Should Amanda approve Duc’s contract proposal?
How should Amanda negotiate the data center
location issue?
What should she do about performance issues with
the internal technical team?
Maximum length and format
This is an individual activity, so you must include the Word document with
the resolution of the case. Maximum length is 3 pages, font Calibri 12 and line
spacing 1.5.
The report should include a bibliography in APA format, which means details
of all the bibliographic references in the report. Plagiarism is not permitted.
Therefore, any reference should be correct. If plagiarism is detected in more
than one question, it will be notified as a serious breach to course
Academic criteria for references should be followed.
All the references in the text that respond to
the questions should appear in the bibliography.
All references in the bibliography must be
referenced in the student’s text. No additional bibliography suggesting
interesting references related to the topic should be added as further reading.
Bibliographical references should focus on
references used to respond to the case study questions.

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