Compare / contrast “The Declaration of Independence” with “The Declaration of th

Compare / contrast “The Declaration of Independence” with “The Declaration of the Rights
of Man and of the Citizen.”1 Start with the titles. What does the French document have in the
title that the American one doesn’t – is there any significance to that? Do they have similar
themes / messages for the reader? What was each document hoping to do? What world events
were happening when the documents were written? There are several ways to approach this
prompt, but some of the questions above could help you to get started.
Your essay must be strongly reasoned. You must provide evidence from the work that you are
writing about in the form of at least five direct quotations. Remember, whenever you
make a claim, you should support it.
Your introductory paragraph should make explicit to your reader the reading(s) and author(s)
that you’ll be exploring with your essay, and it should finish with a strong thesis statement that
outlines what the rest of your essay will be about.
Essay length should be between 1000-1500 words2
(equal to about 3-5 pages,). Papers should
be typed in 12-point Times New Roman (or some other legible typeface) and double-spaced.
Essays must include a Works Cited page. Each work that you cite should be on the Works
Cited page.

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