Cover Letter: The purpose of a cover letter is to make a favorable impression on

Cover Letter:
The purpose of a cover letter is to make a favorable impression on the employer and get you an interview. The combination of both a well-crafted cover letter and a strong resume can give you an edge and an interview. Using online job search sites such as, find a job listing you are interested in and prepare a correctly-formatted cover letter for that listing. A RESUME AND COVER LETTER IS AWITH MORE INFORMATION.
1. First Paragraph – Why you are writing
2. Middle Paragraphs – What you have to offer
3. Concluding Paragraph – How you will follow-up
Tips to follow
1. State What and Why: State exactly what you can do for the employer, and why he or she should hire you.
2. Make a Personal Connection: Each cover letter should be written to a specific company and, most important, directly to the person in charge of hiring.
3. Highlight: The cover letter can highlight skills and accomplishments that directly apply to the job at hand.
4. Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude: Convey enthusiasm and a positive attitude about the company with whom you are seeking employment.
5. Expand on Your Career Objective: The job you are applying for does not match the career objective of your resume, use your cover letter to state your career objective, and expand on it.
6. Offer Additional Information: Use your cover letter to provide additional information than what is on your resume and/or explain unclear parts of your resume.
7. Request an Interview: It is imperative that you state the obvious in your cover letter, request an interview. Do not rely on the employer to take action. Never end a cover letter with “if you are interested,” “please call me,” or any other phrase that expects eh employer to take action. You want the job, you take the action.
Your Cover must include the following, please see the attached assignment for more details.
Three paragraph cover letter:
1P) Why your writing
2P) What you have to offer / Please make sure the 2nd paragraph is specific to you! It must be unique to you.
3P) How you will follow up.
It should be for a real position, but if not then feel free to create a position.
You must use the word template “cover letter”
You must use the word template “cover letter”. Please make sure to use the format only and not the words from the template. The cover letter must be original work and it must be about you!
* If you have an existing cover letter please stop and read it and the full assignment and edit,or re write and make sure it meets the requirements of the assignment. You will be graded based on the assignment!

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