Directions Generation X Values Have Implications for Career Management: Some exp

Generation X Values Have Implications for Career
Some experts argue
that the same career management approaches that work with baby boomers do not
work with Generation Xers. Gen Xers do not have the same values as baby
boomers. Teen experiences as latchkey kids and watching as their parents
are laid off from corporations helped to shape Gen Xers’ belief that one of
their most important priorities is to take care of themselves under any
circumstances. Many Gen Xers feel that the traditional corporate career path is
too narrow, emphasizing an, “up or out” mentality. Gen Xers view the
availability of multiple career paths as creating options and providing them
with an opportunity to gain a broad set of business skills. Companies that are
known as good places to make personal contacts are valued by Gen Xers. Gen Xers
also value their children and their family relationships. This means that they
have strict standards about how many hours they will work or the amount of
business travel they will accept. Because of the incompatibility between their
values and those of large companies, many Gen Xers have left “Corporate
America” for smaller companies or to start their own businesses. Consider the
question: “A career is . . .?”
How would Gen
Xers define a career?
How would Baby
Boomers define a career?
What are the
similarities and differences between Gen Xers and Baby Boomers?
In an approximately a 750-word essay,
address the following:
· Do
you think that differences in how a career is defined between generations (e.
g., Baby Boomers vs. Gen Xers) are greater than differences that might exist
within any one generation? Explain
your answer.
· Describe
how companies can use their career management systems to attract, retain, and
motivate talented Gen X employees.
· Consider
each step in the career management process and provide recommendations for what
managers and the company should do to appeal to Gen Xers’ values.
In a seperate paragraphy including 150 words Consider what you have learned this week relating to the five generations. In your initial post, address the following:
Based on your workplace or school environment: Identify your generation and discuss how it fits within your workplace or school.
Analyze the various generations and describe what/how you would tailor your training needs to meet those of your audience. Please name this paragraph DISCUSSION

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