Discussion Cannabis Case Scenario Discussion A 20-year-old single male is brough

Cannabis Case Scenario Discussion
A 20-year-old single male is brought to the emergency department (ED) by his friends in a scared and agitated state. He had been playing basketball several hours ago with his friends when he suddenly began complaining of being stung by bees. He began behaving erratically and saying that bees were coming out of his ears and mouth. He began accusing one of his friends of plotting against him and blaming him for his condition. He became agitated and ran away from the basketball court, darting in and out of traffic on the adjoining street. His friends had to track him down and force him to come to the hospital. His friends report that some of them had been smoking “weed” prior to the game, and the patient was a “newbie to weed.” His friends do not believe he has had any psychiatric problems in the past but cannot be sure. On examination, the patient appears anxious, apprehensive, and fearful. He looks around the room furtively, repeatedly spitting into a cup. He is fully aware of his surroundings, but his attention span is very short. His memory is intact and fully oriented. He no longer suspects his friend and holds out the cup he has been spitting into for the doctor to inspect for bees. He finds it unbelievable that he has bees crawling out of himself but cannot help feeling the sensation. Physical examination reveals redness of the eyes and an elevated pulse rate. Otherwise, the physical examination is normal. Neurologic examination is within normal limits. The patient complains of the bees “sucking out all [his] energy making [him] very hungry.”
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After reading the Case Scenario, post what you have learned thus far:
What is the most likely diagnosis with the appropriate ICD code? (In one paragraph, use patient signs and symptoms to support your diagnosis)
List at least three or more differentials (explain HOW you ruled them in and then out in one to two paragraphs)
What is the best diagnostic test? (In one paragraph, use EVIDENCE behind your testing)
What would be the next step? (In one paragraph, use the best evidence available to justify what would be the next step
Support your answers by using DSM 5 and use patient presentation for justification of your diagnosis, and recent journal articles, and use APA format.

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