EACH COMMENT 1OO WORDS CALEB Question 1: Religion plays a huge role in my every

CALEB Question 1: Religion plays a huge role in my everyday life and affects almost every decision I make. I have a strong belief in the Christian faith; therefore, I try to let Jesus Christ guide me in every decision I make. In my opinion though, the Christian faith should not be so much about religion, but more of a relationship with Jesus, which is how I try to live my life. I believe the American society is becoming less religious and the Christian beliefs that the country was founded on are beginning to fade away. I think this is a bad thing for America, as a true Christian I believe that if everyone accepted Jesus into their hearts and tried to live more like Him the world would get along in a much better way, but instead society is going the opposite direction. There has to be some kind of set moral and ethical grounds for a society to eventually it will fall apart, and Christianity is the best place to get those grounds from. Question 5: In my opinion, I somewhat agree with the ad that Jesus would buy an economically friendly vehicle. The way the ad states it all though I do not quiet agree with as it makes it seem that all vehicles are terrible killing machines, when in fact transportation such as cars has helped humans greatly, which Jesus would advocate for. Jesus would buy a car that best suits his needs and helps those around him the most. Maybe he would buy a big van so he could fit all the disciples in it so he could spread the word more efficiently!
Chapter 5
Question 3: In my opinion, I do not agree with Citizens United. I do not think entire corporations should be able to make political donations under the protection of the first amendment. The CEO of a certain company should not be able to make a huge donation that represents all of their employees who may have different opinions. I think corporations should be able to voice their opinion, but monetary donations will lead to pampering from politicians in order to get larger donations. I think the constitution applies to human beings and not corporations as a whole. Question 5: Some benefits of becoming a benefit corporation include extra publicity and being able to focus on other areas besides profit maximization such as social responsibilities. Possible disadvantages include that it is still a decently new idea, and with that comes uncertainty on the details of how successful it can actually be, and it also requires expanded reporting requirements. I do not believe that benefit corporations are completely necessary, although the idea behind them is a good one. I would definitely consider making my corporation a benefit corporation if I was in a state that allowed for it. ANGELA
Part 1 Case Study (Religion)
1. I believe that religion does play a pretty big role in my life. I was raised in a Catholic household by my mother and as I grew up I found Christianity for myself. I went to a private highschool and then in college I decided to continue learning and developing my relationship with God by going to Houston Baptist University. Sadly, I do think that the world we live in is becoming less religious. People are compromising their beliefs and values for the “best job”, highest status, or the most amount of money. This is not a good thing, and it matters greatly as it changes the way people operate and live their lives. Hopefully with time, people become more appreciative and grateful for the little things around them that most others don’t get/have. 5. If I had to pick between what car I believed Jesus would drive I would have to go with a white Honda Accord. The Accord won the green choice badge, which means that the vehicle has low tailpipe emissions, and is one of the best fuel-efficient choices. The car is also super spacious, I just see Jesus driving a car with lots of room and comfy seats for people. Chapter 5
3. In the case of the Citizens United, I believe that the Supreme court made the right decision. As it is stated in the book, Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, corporations should share and enjoy the same First Amendment rights to speech as individuals do. I do not believe that it is necessary for the US Constitution to be amended to read, “money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. Unless there are specific situations where money is used unethically by companies, until then no. 5. The advantages of firms incorporating as a benefit corporation include legal protection from lawsuits over shareholder returns. Others include enhancing the brand value as benefit corporations and earning more employer satisfaction and loyalty. Some of the disadvantages would be that there are more liabilities against the directors, because they play a huge responsibility in both environmental and social causes. No, this alternative organizational form is not necessary, but it does provide some great pros/cons that companies must decide whether or not to utilize. If I was starting a firm and I was in a state that allowed it, I would consider benefiting corporations, because of their environmental and social purposes. BRYCE
#1- Religion plays a large role in my life and in the lives of many of the other people I surround myself with; especialy here at HBU. Christianity and the Bible serves as a guide through life for me and remains at the center of my life. I try to better my relationship with Christ as much as I can and feel that it is my duty to treat others as Christ would; having that relationship with him is extremely important to me. With that being said, I believe that our society is definitely becoming increasingly unreligious. Society has surely had plenty of selfishness for decades, but with the decline of religion and Christianity many people these days are really only concerned with themselves instead of living a Christ like lifestyle. This is a bad thing because there is more conflict in our society today. #5- I believe Jesus would drive the most efficient vehicle possible to preserve the environment and those that live in it. I do see the point the ad is attempting to make, but I think jesus would drive a car beause of its many benefits. By Jesus driving a fuel efficient car he would take care of the environment as well as having easy access to spread the word and do many great things for human kind. Vehicles have given us a tremendous ability to develop as a species and give us the power to do many great things. With that being said, all good things can be abused. #3- In the case of Citizens United, I disagree that corporations should have the ability to donate great sums of money to political campaigns. I do think it makes sense to treat corporations as an artificial entity or as a fictitonal person within certain aspects of the constitution, but I do not think they should be awarded free speech through politcal donations. When a corporation does this, it serves the opinions and beliefs of few people and not the large amounts of shareholders, employees, and many others within the organization. #5- some advantages of a benefit corporation include the extra social responsibility requirements and that a benefit corporation is required to be extremely transparent with their business. Also, a benefit corporation’s mission can be protected if there is new ownership or management. A disadvatnage of this could be that if a benefit corporation fails and is bought out by new ownership then there may be some aspects from the previous owners that led to the failure of the firm that cannot be changed.

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