Essays must be double spaced; written in 10, 11, or 12 point font; have a catchy

Essays must be double spaced; written in 10, 11, or 12 point font; have a catchy, creative title; and have your heading at the top left of page 1 only: name, date, class, assignment
Topic and Thesis
For this essay, you should compare or contrast two things in order to prove or show something. Choose one direction only. Write an essay on the similarities of two things OR an essay on the differences of two things.
You can find a list of possible topics here.
What’s even more challenging is coming up with a purpose for the essay: a reason for making the comparison or contrast. You shouldn’t write an essay that simply says “X and Y are different.” You need to write an essay in which your thesis says: “The differences between X and Y prove or show __________.” More help on the thesis can be found here: Constructing a Thesis and here: Thesis Statements.
Another challenge for this essay will be its organization. As you should have learned last week, there are two basic approaches to organizing a comparison/contrast essay: subject by subject
point by point
First, a good topic is one in which a comparison/contrast can provide valuable insights. Don’t just choose two random things like the moon and a tree. That’s not a wise approach. Pick two things for which there is a valid reason for making a comparison/contrast. These are too simple, but for example, the moon and the sun. An orchard of fruit trees and a vegetable garden. Second, you also need to avoid topics that are too broad. For example, contrasting two cities (such as Orlando vs. New York City) is too broad. You will need to narrow it down to one aspect of life in the two cities. For example, public transportation in Orlando vs. New York City. Below you will find a list of possible topics. You are not limited to this list. There are a lot more possibilities. I do ask that if you are unsure of what your topic should be that you ask me first. Email me any time! And be sure that what you choose is substantive. I’m other words, that you have a solid amount of material to discuss and write about. two consumer products (phones and cars are solid examples) the styles of two athletes, two musicians, or two artists
two teams, or a team now versus then
two movies (of similar genre) or two TV shows (of similar genre) or two different seasons of one show
two careers two restaurants (such as Chipotle and Bubakoos)
two holidays (such as Halloween and Day of the Dead)
nightlife in one city and nightlife in another city two favorite sports you play
two instruments you play
two groups with which you are involved two social media platforms (such as TikTok and Instagram)

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