Expressive Techniques Presentation/Assignment Topic: Art Therapy for Adolescents

Expressive Techniques Presentation/Assignment
Topic: Art Therapy for Adolescents with Anxiety
· Worth 15% of your grade.
· For this assignment, you will discuss a creative/expressive technique or activity (within the genre of: art, writing, drama, play, music, etc.) as an alternative to “talk therapy” Topic: Art Therapy for Adolescents with Anxiety
· Your presentation should be 6/7 minutes total, there is a penalty for going under/over the time limit.
· Students will prepare an annotated bibliography (3-4 peer reviewed articles) from expressive and creative skill-based literature that could be used with adults (in a problem area of your choice). Some potential disorders/issues/difficulties include: Anxiety 1. Describe chosen technique/activity. Discuss rationale of technique/why appropriate and why it may be useful as an adjunct or in place of “talk therapy.” Use citations from the literature in presentation. Explain why the chosen approach may be beneficial.
2. Provide annotated bibliography – a) Include summary of article and b) how/why article was useful. You will submit annotated bibliography on or before the presentation due date. You will lose 3 points for any articles which are not peer reviewed.
Grading Rubric for Expressive Techniques Presentation:
· Introduction and Overview of Population/Difficulty (20 points)
· Description of Technique/Activity & Rationale (25 points)
· Demonstration of Technique/Activity (15 points)
· Prepared Questions for Audience (5 points)
· Annotated Bibliography (Number, Quality of Summary, APA format) (15 points)
· Quality of Slides (visually engaging, font size, free from grammar and spelling errors, amount of information on each slide) (10 points)
· Presentation Skills (Engage Audience, Pace, Volume, Eye Contact) (10 points)

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