Fall Prevention Program Project Due June 29th, 2022 As you investigated in your

Fall Prevention Program Project
Due June 29th, 2022
As you investigated in your
textbook, falls are a geriatric syndrome that is considered important, and
devastating outcomes can result from a single event. When the elderly patient
relies on an institution to keep them safe and they end up falling and injuring
themselves, or worse, the event becomes very costly and there is a loss of
confidence among all the parties involved. Fall prevention programs are now
mandated among several accrediting agencies for all kinds of facilities and
even have importance beyond the legal implications.
For the elderly, many
institutions utilize many resources to establish programs that work and can
really prevent these devastating events. Whether it is an acute care facility
such as a hospital, Assisted Living Facility, Chronic long-term facility,
Nursing home, home environment, or any other facility for the elderly they all
have the same goal when it comes to falls. Many programs have been designed and
no two are exactly the same. For decades healthcare professionals have been investigating
falls in a particular facility or environment.
Your assignment is to create a
program (see grade rubric) and write a paper following the 7th version of the
APA and it should be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, excluding title and references
pages. You will need to utilize at least three evidence-based references. (Your
textbook can be one, but no websites are allowed (you can use any journal
articles as long as it is peer-reviewed.)
Create the program according to
the steps indicated while also creating your own resident/patient that can
serve as an assessment and evaluation and outcome. This will be a fictitious
person that you create to live in the institution that you have chosen.
Creation of a Fall Prevention Program
(Use this
as a guide of what to include in your paper)
Introduction: Name of Program
Place where it will be
Fictitious patient- Description and extrinsic and intrinsic risk factors
identified. PMH
III. Three
assessment instruments to utilize (mmse, TUG, etc) There are many more and
whatever will fit into your program.
Describe the program and then what score your
fictitious patient had in each. (you
will need to make these up but should fit the general
overview of health for your fictitious
Elements needed to start and run the program.
V. Costs:
List what you will need and include training, etc. Be realistic and accurate!
VI. How
will you get started with the program. (stages or all at once?)

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