For Discussion Forum 1, please choose ONE (1) of the following prompts: Prompt

For Discussion Forum 1, please choose ONE (1) of the following prompts:
Prompt #1
Provide and explain Gordon Allport’s definition of social psychology/ Present an example for each of the components of the definition (e.g., actual, implied, or imagined presence of others). In your view, what does this definition suggest regarding our nature as human beings? Support your responses with information from Franzoi’s Chapter 1: Introducing Social Psychology.
Prompt #2
Consider two common-sense beliefs related to interpersonal attraction: “opposites attract” and “birds of a feather flock together.” Like many other common-sense beliefs, these ideas contradict each other. Using the information presented by Franzoi in Chapter 1: Introducing Social Psychology and Chapter 2: Conducting Research in Social Psychology, describe the type of research study you would design to determine if there is convincing evidence to support one of these beliefs. That is, explain the type of method you would use to test one of these propositions (i.e., hypotheses) and write why you feel this would be the best method. Describe the different aspects of your proposed study, such participants, measures and materials, and procedure. Consider that you need to design an ethical study that protects the rights of human participants.
Students must create one (1) original thread and two (2) replies to the instructor’s and/or other students’ discussion threads. The content of both the original post and the replies will reflect the student’s informed opinion, analysis, or observation regarding the prompt/topic. Elaborate as much as possible, and using your own words, refer to specific content in the textbook chapters to support your ideas. Do not quote directly from the textbook; paraphrase and cite your source.
Refer back to the chapters using in-text citations that include the textbook author’s last name and year of publication, in addition to page numbers when appropriate, and use correct APA style (7th edition) formatting for those in-text citations. After your response, include the full reference for each chapter that you cite, using correct APA style formatting. Remember to use proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation in all posts, and remember to be respectful and considerate in all your posts. Inappropriate and/or rude posts will receive zero points. Original posts can earn you up to fifteen (15) points each, while replies can earn you up to ten (10) points each.

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