For each week’s Project, you will answer statistical questions and solve statist

For each week’s Project, you will answer statistical questions and solve statistical problems using the Statdisk software. Remember that the primary focus of these exercises is to understand how to properly solve statistical computations using the Statdisk software. It is also important to focus on the approach you took to arrive at a solution. Grading weight will be placed not only on correctness, but also on the depth and clarity of your answers. In the Week 2 Project you will learn how to:
Create and analyze a histogram in Statdisk
Create and analyze a boxplot in Statdisk
Calculate descriptive statistics in Statdisk
Note: You will NOT receive full credit for a problem submitted without an explanation.
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To prepare for this Project:
Complete the MyLab Statistics Homework for Week 2.
Review the grading rubric using the link below to see how you will be graded.
Review the following resources:
Project Resources (click to expand/reduce)
How to Format your Assignment
You will be using the original Week 2 Project as it appears in Doc Sharing as a template for your answers.
Click on the Week 2 Project file name found in Doc Sharing. A menu will pop up allowing you the option to open or save the file. You will want to SAVE it to your computer.
Open the saved Word file from your computer. Insert your solution to each problem directly below the question. Color your answers red. You do not have to explain the step used for the answer unless specifically asked to.
Be sure to cut and paste ALL tables, charts, and information generated using the Statdisk and explain what each chart represents. You may have to resize them to make them fit in the Word table cell.
Before you submit your finished project, make sure that each question includes the original problem and your solution to the problem in red. Also, be sure to save your file as a Word document.
Doc Sharing
By Day 7
Perform Statdisk computations and answer questions in the Week 2 Project document that you downloaded to your computer.
Submit your assignment following the directions given below. Do not forget this step because your Instructor cannot grade assignments from the authenticity software.

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