FOR Reference:

FOR Reference:
Assume you are a public health nurse manager working for an organization in AZ that garners support for key public health issues.
The CEO of your organization has requested that you complete the following:
Identify 1 global health care issue that impacts U.S. health populations in Phoenix, AZ through law or policy at the state or national level, for which it is crucial that continued funding be approved. Visit the Healthy People 2030 website to help identify an issue.
Research the law or policy to determine:
The main purpose of the selected law or policy
The main population affected by this law or policy
How this law or policy affects the population it is intended to serve
The impact of current domestic and global issues on this law or policy
Predict the need for advocacy (support of and strategic approach) for the selected health issue using data from a community health needs assessment (CHNA) report from a public hospital in Phoenix, AZ and ISP reports. Investigate AZ legislature or US Congress ( websites to determine if there is pending action or established policy supporting the identified health issue.
Identify 1 state or federal legislator representing Phoenix, AZ 85006. Use AZ state legislature directory or the US Congress Directory.
Determine the legislator’s support for the health issue in your community. If necessary, call the legislator’s office and ask an aide what actions are being taken on behalf of the community on that issue. Write a letter of advocacy to the legislator regarding the health issue on behalf of your organization. Use the 4-paragraph format described in the blog post:
Acknowledge the legislator.
Write a compelling argument about the importance of the health issue in the local community.
Provide data supporting your proposed strategy for the issues.
Establish yourself as a professional ally for the legislator.
Format your assignment as a concise 500-word letter. Edit fiercely!
Include a reference page for the CHNA, ISP, legislative research, and legislator.
Note: You do not need to send the letter to meet the requirements of this assignment.

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