For the Discussion Board (D B ) assignment, you need only read one article–fro

For the Discussion Board (D B ) assignment, you need only read one article–from any module/any week) and write 3-4 paragraphs–up to one page. You can write whether you agree/disagree–or if you have questions about the article.
How Lessons from Afghanistan are playing out in Ukraine by Walter Pincus
Comparisons between the recent collapse of Afghanistan and the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine are on the rise. Walter Pincus’ article “How Lessons from Afghanistan are playing out in Ukraine” makes this comparison and also offers an informed observation on the direction for the current Ukraine-Russia conflict. While the observation of Ukraine brings up many interesting points, I do believe that the comparison between this conflict and the state failure of Afghanistan is unsubstantiated. There is quite a situational difference between Afghanistans’ formation of a non-Western state with Western statecraft, versus Ukraine’s state preservation of their Western nation. I do agree with Pincus’ assumption that there is no clear end with the Ukraine conflict in sight. The most realistic strategy for the United States would be admonishing Russian aggression, increasing sanctions, strengthening NATO, and pressing for Russian-Ukranian concessions. The desired outcome of these strategies would be an end to conflict and a division of contested territories. This strategy would allow the United States to remain as economically and militarily detached from the conflict as possible. The conflict currently does not pose an immediate threat to the United States or NATO allies; it is within the United States’ national security interests to remain free of conflict unless there is a clear threat. There is a more ideal strategy in my opinion. Although less realistic, a more ideal strategy of increased military aid would quell future Russian aggression with neighboring countries. The “early setbacks and heavy losses” faced by Russia has left their military in need of serious regrouping in order to continue the prolonged conflict (Pincus 2022). If the United States and allies would like to see Ukraine returned to its pre-2014 borders and the preservation of a sovereign democracy, this is the time to supply Ukraine with as much military and humanitarian aid as possible. Current demands such as missile systems and munitions could shift the tide of the well-trained, but lesser-equipped, Ukrainian army. This method could quickly reach critical mass and involve the United States in the conflict militarily. For this reason, the ideal response for this time will likely be foregone in place of the realistic strategy.

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