For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the backgr

For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the background
materials regarding conflict and negotiation to a situation from your own personal
experiences. Carefully review the background materials regarding types of conflict, causes of conflict, negotiation stages, and conflict management styles. It is important to first
understand these comments from the background readings before starting this
Once you have thoroughly reviewed the background materials, think of a situation in the
workplace where a conflict erupted and management had to intervene and some type of
negotiation was involved. Then write a three page paper addressing the following four
questions, and make sure to cite at least one of the required background readings for
each of your four answers :
Was this conflict functional or dysfunctional?
What was the cause of the conflict? Use the terms from the background materials in your answer—for example, was the conflict a result of interpersonal issues, a specific task involved, due to inter-organizational issues, etc.
Of the five approaches to conflict management outlined in Shearouse (2011) or Bauer and Erdogan (2011), which approach most closely describes the approach used by management to resolve this conflict?
Did the negotiations involve integrative or distributive bargaining? What stages of negotiation did management go through, and did these stages match the five stages discussed in Bauer and Erdogan (2011)?

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