For this assignment, imagine you work as an educator in the Training and Develop

For this assignment, imagine you work as an educator in the Training and Development Department of a hospital. The hospital has received complaints about poor cultural competency amongst the hospital staff and your department has been tasked to address this issue.
In the form of an essay of 3-4 pages in length, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, respond to the following questions:
Section #1-Identify the Issue – What is cultural competency? What is its importance in the healthcare environment and what are some negative outcomes that can result when cultural competency is not seen as an important component of the delivery of care?
Section #2-Component of Education – What elements are important when a designing a cultural competency educational program for hospital staff? Will one type of training be enough, or will different types of trainings, for different types of staff be needed? What are some of the methods you will use to disseminate the training to hospital staff? What are some limitations that may get in the way?
Section #3-Evaluation – How will you assess if your educational program was effective? What are some methods that you will suggest are implemented over time to continue a culture of competency throughout the hospital?
You can pull from the textbook and other sources, but ensure that the vast majority of your submission is in your own words. Any direct quotes should be brief and citations should be included. If you are pulling from an assignment you have already submitted, work to refresh and rephrase that content.
APA 7th edition format is required for all citations and references.

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