For this assignment, you are continuing the work you started in Module 2. (Whal

For this assignment, you are continuing the work you started in Module 2. (Whale see attached) The previous blog assignment presented information on a species that is endemic and endangered (i.e., threatened with extinction) in your local area. In Module 2 you described a species including its natural history, ecology, threats to its habitat, the status of its conservation, pictures of the species, and why it is important to save this species.
In this module, expanding upon the previous work, you will be researching and presenting conservation measures applied locally to save/rehabilitate this particular species in your area. Explain if the measures have been successful or not. These measures may be a result of federal and/or state policies, but also a result of non-profit, private,
or civil organizations’ efforts.
Preferred Powtoon Create your species presentation in an acceptable multimedia tool (such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoon, or Canva) and feel free to unleash your creativity as possible (you could add links to informative, good-quality YouTube videos or create your own short recording discussing the
conservation measures). See the library guide (Links to an external site.) for additional videos.
Add pictures and other interactive tools that you may find related to
your species of interest. Include information on species conservation history and current status, federal and state involvement in the conservation of this species, local grassroots efforts (if any) associated with the protection/conservation of this species, and specific challenges associated with this species’ management.
Include citations for the written sources as well as for the images, graphs, tables, videos, etc. that you include in your presentation.

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