For your Final Essay, you are asked to write a 4-6 pg. paper exploring a disrupt

For your Final Essay, you are asked to write a 4-6 pg. paper exploring a disruptive technology of your choice (must be a technology that is different than that of your EDTP, so you cannot choose artificial intellifgence). The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to synthesize material that you have learned this semester, applying content learned during weeks 1-5 to a particular form of digital technology. This assignment will count in lieu of a Final Exam and is due on Tue., 7/5, 11pm.
In writing your paper, you will need to consider the following:
-What makes your chosen technology disruptive?
-Consider the 5 Criteria for Disruptive Technology: Audience, Culture, Speed, Scope/Scale, Impact
-What did it disrupt? What did it change? What did it put out of business?
-Do you think it will be disrupted (by something else) in the future? Why? How so?
You will also need to include at least 10 course topics that were explored in the readings and lectures (you can find the webcam lectures for each week under each week’s module). When including each of your 10 (or more) course topics, be sure to BOLD-FACE each of your terms. This is very important as it will make it easier to ensure that you get full credit when grading your final essay.
Week 1:
Unit 2: Continuity and change: the history and scope of information and communication technologies
Week 2:
Unit 3: Innovation, continuity, and disruption
Unit 4: Digital tech and social connectedness
Chayko, Mary. “Techno‐social life: The internet, digital technology, and social connectedness.” Sociology Compass. 976-991
Unit 5: Digital communication and relationships

Week 3:
Unit 6: Digital work and organizations

Unit 8: Digital information
Week 4:
Unit 9: Power, inequality and disruption of the status quo

Unit 10: Media production, consumption, industries and institutions
Week 5:
Units 11, 12: Digital Socialization and the Self/Future Impacts

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