FORMAT 3 PAGES – APA7 References: 8 peer-reviewed publications in APA7 Format w

References: 8 peer-reviewed
publications in APA7 Format with
APA 7 in-text citation referencing those 8 publications
Use the parts of the questions asked below as Titles within the paper
Include a conclusion
PAPER TOPIC : Corporate Social Responsibility
Use the attached book as reference please.
TESLA as the organization in which you are interested in with a public issue
the organization is facing. I have picked Tesla’s recent public issue with ‘phantom
braking’ in its 2021-2022 cars which has raised hundreds of consumer complaints
and ensued a federal investigation. Using your textbook as a framework, as well as
other sources for supplementary information, map the organization’s
stakeholders with respect to this issue and provide a stakeholder
analysis. Write a minimum of three (3) pages of APA
formatted paper in response to this assignment.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> REFERENCES
Please feel free to use some of the below references and add
some peer-reviewed sources
1- Latapí Agudelo, M. A.,
Jóhannsdóttir, L., & Davídsdóttir, B. (2019). A literature review of the
history and evolution of corporate social responsibility. International Journal
of Corporate Social Responsibility, 4(1).
This paper details the history and evolutionary journey that
the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) took along the years. I
will benefit from sections from this paper in order to discover the historical
concepts and theories that led to linking corporations’ obligations to
stakeholders other than the shareholders and creditors. I will shed some light on these findings in
my paper.
2- Chian, M. (2021).
Consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives for Stakeholders. Consequences
of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives for Stakeholders (
This paper examines through a quantitative study the
implications of U.S. corporations’ CSR initiatives for stakeholders while still
maximizing profitability. The basis of the study stems from the stakeholder
theory of CSR and agency theory. I will use the results of this study to
highlight the relationship and impact of a company’s actions and reactions on
its various stakeholders under the CSR umbrella. 3- Trebeck, K. (2008).
Exploring the responsiveness of companies: corporate social responsibility to
stakeholders. Social Responsibility Journal, 4(3), 349–365.
This study highlights practical expressions of CSR and stresses
the limitations of company responsiveness following these realities. Findings
from this paper will be incorporated into my paper to showcase the sensitivity
of time and responsiveness of companies in the face of public issues.
4- Lawrence, A., & Weber,
J. (2019). Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy (16th
ed.). McGraw Hill.
I will use our book to reference the method used for mapping
and analyzing stakeholders for a company in the context of Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR). 5- Matsika, A. (2021). Risk
Management of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Issues for
Tesla, Inc in 2020 -A Critical Analysis.
The paper completes a risk assessment and a study
highlighting the accusations that challenge the corporate social responsibility
(CSR) claims that Tesla is associated with in its mission. I will use the
findings in this study to reference Tesla’s past reaction and the stakeholders’
impact that previous issues had. Regulators open an investigation into ‘Phantom Braking’ by
6 & 7- Boudette, N. E. (2022). Regulators
open an investigation into ‘phantom braking’ by Teslas.
Linecker, A. C. (2022). Tesla Stock
Falls As NHTSA Launches ‘Phantom Braking’ Probe.
Both of these journalistic articles depict the seriousness
of the story starting with some complaints and consumer reports around an
unexpected ‘phantom braking’ of Tesla cars that snowballed into even more
complaints and a federal investigation resulting in grave bearings on both the
market valuation and consumer valuation. I will use these journalistic pieces
to paint the stakeholder map, including the shareholders, consumers, consumer
agencies, the competitors, the SEC and the NHTSA.
8- Tesla Investor Relations. SEC
The 4-k filing for Tesla will help
clarify even further the stakeholder map
from the interests and the power of each of the stakeholders.

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