Global Economic Issues: Assessment on Ecological Footprint Objectives: 1. Deter

Global Economic Issues: Assessment on Ecological Footprint
1. Determine if your current lifestyle is sustainable by calculating your ecological footprint (EF).
2. Reflect on what are some of the demands of your current lifestyle on the planet and what worldview, values do your lifestyle represent. (a) What does your overall EF suggest about the sustainability of your current lifestyle, given that we live on a single planet. (b) What worldview and, or values does your lifestyle represent? Briefly justify your answer. (c) Compare and contrast the impact of specific consumption categories (shelter, mobility, food, etc.) on your EF. Justify the proportional contribution of these categories to your EF by using specific examples of your lifestyle choices.
3. Can your lifestyle become more sustainable and why are individual actions necessary to ensure sustainability?
(a) Describe 2 lifestyle changes to reduce your EF and become more sustainable. Indicate (quantitative) reductions that these changes would lead to, by using external sources of evidence as supporting information. (The evidence should be derived from peer-reviewed articles, books, educational or institutional websites; no wikis or encyclopedias).
i) Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference list of sources used.
(b) Evaluate feasibility and potential challenges associated with implementation of the suggested changes.
(c) Given the “Tragedy of the commons” concept and definition of sustainability, reflect on why it is important for you and other individuals to implement lifestyle changes.
Instructions: Use the Ecological Footprint Calculator at: and select Ontario as your location to calculate your OWN Footprint.
Make sure to save your quiz results (as an image or print the results to submit with your assignment). Keep track of your answers for each consumption category (food, goods, home (both shelter and electricity) and transportation). This information will help you evaluate your resulting ecological footprint and its breakdown for each consumption category.
You will submit the following to the instructor:
• A printout (or if submitting an electronic version of the assignment) a ‘screen grab” of the results sheet from the Footprint Quiz (Objective 1).
• Include a personal reflection on your EF (Objectives 2 and 3). The reflection should be written in your own words, in paragraphs. This section of the assignment should not exceed 3 pages in length (750 words, double-spaced and sided, using a 12-point font,).
Reference list
Global Footprint Network (2014). Glossary. Retrieved from:

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