Hello Writer, There are links at the end of the instructions. Instructions Warm

Hello Writer,
There are links at the end of the instructions.
Warm-Up Activity 2.1: Understand Scholarly Sources
Understanding scholarly sources, such as research articles, can be very challenging. The table below is a great tool to help you learn this skill. The more resources you read, the harder it might become to remember key information. This table can act as a quick reference. In addition, as you complete each box for each resource, you begin to visualize and internalize the patterns of systematic research efforts. You may see certain links between concepts, gaps in terms of methodology, or recommendations for future research efforts that might suggest a feasible and worthy topic area for your study.
Warm-Up Activity 2.2: How to Prepare a Chart
To prepare a chart for use in an assignment is quite easy. A chart is essentially a table in which you have established categories for review. To create a table in Word, go to Insert>Insert Table, and then select the number of columns and rows you desire.
Assignment Instructions:
You have learned how to best search the literature and organize your collected resources. Your task this week is to develop a resource management system that will assist you moving forward into your dissertation.
1. Begin by creating a list of five to seven questions and strategies you will use to critically read research articles for your dissertation.
2. Narrow down the list that you identified last week to only two potential topics (if you haven’t already).
3. Use this week’s readings as a guide, as well as the NCU library resource Organizing Research to compare the different reference management or filing systems you could use for your searches. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of each? Based on your analysis of these systems, which do you think will be the best fit for you as you begin to review the literature and why? Write a 2- to 3-page response evaluating each system, including which one you chose and how you foresee this system helping you as you continue with your academic career.
4. Then, locate at least five scholarly sources for each topic. At least 1 of these sources must explicitly discuss theory for each topic.
5. Use the system, questions and strategies you created to, prepare a table of information for each topic. Use the example provided in Warm-Up Activity 2.1 Understand Scholarly Sources, and then fill in the related table sections. You may do this either in a Word document or Excel.
Length: 1-page questions/strategies; 2-3 pages for evaluation; 2-4 pages for charts

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