Hi. Please write one or two short paragraph on each questions. Sending additiona

Please write one or two short paragraph on each questions. Sending additional files on this topic including
2 articles, direction, and Norms(how to write discusion posts). No citation needed.
Discussion topic: Whites swim in racial preference
Given recent civil unrest and protests relating to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the on-going racial reckoning in our society, discussions of white privilege seem all the more important. Before answering the questions below, please read the short article by anti-racism advocate Tim Wise: Whites swim in racial preference
Although this was published some years ago, it is still relevant today.
Wise presents many pieces of evidence to support his claim that whites are — and always have been — the major recipients of racial preferences. Name 2 of them and briefly state how this provided whites with a leg-up.
Wise also suggests whites are often unaware of white privilege in our culture. He uses the analogy of fish in water. What does he mean by this analogy?
Finally, do you think most white people in the U.S. are able or unable to see the unearned privilege that is tied to their skin color? Why or why not, and what evidence (or example) is your reasoning based on?
NOTE: Some students find the short essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” by Peggy McIntosh, useful in getting their heads around the notion of “white privilege.” Feel free to engage this as well if you would like to.
Finally, the following is just for your information, not necessarily for use in answering the above question: The U. of M. system of admissions that is described in this article was altered as a result of a Supreme Court case (Gratz v Bollinger). For details see this site. It was further affected in 2006 when voters in the state of Michigan passed a ballot initiative that changed the state constitution to ban affirmative action on the basis of race or gender in the areas of public education, employment or government contracting.
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