Review the above videos, along with any other credible resources (please cite them), to answer each question below-minimum one paragraph per question:
What political, economic, and social changes were implemented when Mugabe took power? How did economic conditions change under his administration?
What are some of the factors that brought about hyperinflation in Zimbabwe?
How has the Zimbabwean government dealt with the crisis? Pegging? Bond Notes? U.S. dollar’s role?
Why might the agricultural output be overstated?
The videos are from 2017, how has the political and economic environment changed from then to today?
Locate one other historical example of Hyperinflation and contrast it with Zimbabwe. What is similar? What is different?
(OPINION) Was Mugabe responsible for the economic crisis? Has the more recent administration done anything to mitigate the crisis? In what way?
(OPINION) Should western countries like the U.S. and Europe get involved? Are western sanctions appropriate to quell the problem?
(OPINION) Do you believe a highly developed country like the U.S, Canada, France, or the U.K could experience Hyperinflation? Why?

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