i attached the article and my analysis brainstorming as well that should be used

i attached the article and my analysis brainstorming as well that should be used in the essay.
Write: Write your rhetorical analysis essay.
Introduction: Your introduction should give a short, objective summary of the article. You should explain your analysis of the article’s rhetorical situation (SOAPSTone) in your summary. Your introduction should end with your analytical thesis. Your thesis should make a clear analytical claim about the rhetoric and argumentation strategies of the articles; show clearly what elements of the articles you will analyze; and convey the overall judgment of the article’s effectiveness.
Body Paragraphs: In the body of your essay, offer specific claims about the argumentation strategies the author uses in the article. Identify and evaluate rhetorical appeals, argumentation strategies, or specific language choices the author makes. Analyze the author’s tone, diction, word choices, evidence, and/or appeals. Consider how the author uses ethos, pathos, and logos in the argument. What other argument and rhetorical strategies do you see at work? Are they effective? Why? How? What tone has the author set, and how does the author establish that tone? Is it effective and appropriate? Look carefully at language choices and rhetoric. Give specific evidence from the article to support your claims. When you discuss diction or tone, quote phrases that support your assessment. When you discuss appeals, paraphrase the arguments that you believe illustrate those appeals at work in the argument. Be specific!
Conclusion: Conclude with your overall assessment of the effectiveness of this article’s argument based on the article’s intended audience and purpose.
The article “Racial Identity Returns to American Policies” describes how race was a big part of political feelings during Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s elections. The author mentioned that blue collar men and white men were rooting for Donald Trump more. The article explained that Caucasians had more conservative beliefs and they preferred a government that was smaller and wanted less help with benefits which would really impact families with lower incomes. It was mentioned that the communities that were struggling mostly consisted of black people which would mean that having a lack of government services would hurt their community. The article brought up how it was easier for white people to come up with decisions due to their population size. Race was a big part of politics when this article came out.
An appeal to ethos would be when the author used former presidents such as Obama and Sanders to show that they both agreed that blue collared men and women chose Trump because there were fewer jobs and low wages.
An appeal to pathos would be when he brought up that blacks would be affected the most when they favored the lack of government services.
As I reread the article, I noticed he slid a comment in that mentions that “minorities have never exercised much influence on the United States.”
An appeal to logos would be the author used studies such as Pew Research Center to show the percentages of each race.
I think the author used Logos the most throughout the article. He used very credible studies and research to back up his claim. He used Pew Research center, New York Times/CBS Poll, and Quinnipiac University Poll to support his ideas.

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