I need this before midnight! I am falling behind on an essay and need extra help

I need this before midnight! I am falling behind on an essay and need extra help with my assignments outside of that. Thanks so much! Week 2 Creative Writing Assignment:
This week’s creative assignment is “Who is the speaker?” Pick one of the three poems (“homage to my hips,” “The Woman Thing,” or “Wild nights – Wild nights!”) and create a 400-word description of the poem’s speaker. This will require you to use your imagination and develop the character outside of the poem.
Do not analyze the poem (tell what is happening in the poem and why). The character you describe will be a product of your imagination. He or she has an identity that is separate from the poem. This character is speaking in the poem but is not confined to just what is occurring in the poem. He or she has a life. What is that person’s lifestyle? What does this person look like? What is the person’s name? Does he or she have a family? A job? Interests? Have fun with this assignment and remember that this person is whatever you imagine him or her to be.
Assignment Requirements:
Your submission must: include a minimum of 400 words, written in paragraph form. be written in the third-person point of view (academic voice).
be double spaced. A title page, running head, and abstract are not required.
be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment on the submission page (click title above). Assignments not submitted in this way may be returned to you ungraded.
There is a no-research policy in place for this class. Using any material other than the assigned readings and lectures, even if it is correctly quoted and cited, will result in a failing grade for this assignment. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this policy.
Audre Lorde:
Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 1490-1491 and “That Woman Thing,” pp. 1492-1493 (poetry)
Lucille Clifton:
Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 1494-1495 and “homage to my hips,” Vol. 2 p. 1496 (poetry)
Emily Dickinson:
Biography, Vol. 1 pp. 1246-50 and Poem 269, “Wild nights – Wild nights!”, Vol 1 p. 1254 (poetry)

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