I’m looking for an specialist in contemporary northamerican literature and with

I’m looking for an specialist in contemporary northamerican literature and with feminism knowledge that helps me to do a comparative essay on the forms of resistance and liberation from patriarchy, oppression, violence and limiting gender roles encountered by Alice Walker, Sandra Cisneros and Maxine Hong Kingston in their respective books “The Color Purple” “Woman Hollering Creek and other stories” and “Woman Warrior”.
The comparative essay must talk about the various options of resistance that allow the main characters of the three stories (Celie, Cleophilas and Maxine) to escape from the silence that society, patriarchy and sexism have imposed on them.
Among these options to resist this imposed silence and to break it are writing, which becomes an important weapon to define themselves, as well as to find a language that reflects their biculturality and to redefine myths of their respective cultures that are often controlled by patriarchy until they become feminist icons as in the case of the Llorona.
Another means of escape and resistance is their connection with nature and their communication with mythological or phantasmagoric beings such as God in the case of Celie, Fa Mu Lan in the case of Maxine and La Llorona in the case of Sandra Cisneros. And of course another point of great help is that support network integrated by several women who free of oppressive and limiting standards can help other women to free themselves from violence and oppression such as Shug, Felice or Brave Orchid and the woman with no name. I believe that the article “don’t tell: imposed silences in The Color Purple and the Woman Warrior” can serve as a starting point for the essay. I’m attaching the link: https://www.academia.edu/35572610/_Dont_Tell_Imposed_Silences_in_The_Color_Purple_and_The_Woman_Warrior_Author_s_King_Kok I want to make clear that previous articule should be taken into consideration to make the articule among other books, magazines and whatever helps improve the essay.
By the way, I need the four quotes to be incorporated into to be from academic essays or articles.

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