In a respectful, unobtrusive manner, go to a public place and quietly observe a

In a respectful, unobtrusive manner, go to a public place and quietly
observe a child or adolescent interacting with others without invading their
privacy or personal space. A park, a McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, etc. are good places.
Compose a 3 page, APA formatted paper on your observations applying a theory or
theories of development to of the physical, cognitive, social and emotional
domains. DO NOT USE ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. Include a developmental theory
(Piaget, Erikson, Adler, Watson, Freud) that helps frame your observation.
The paper includes a clear
description of the character, with biographical information that places the
person in a socio-cultural-historical context. A clear description of what is
unknown or fictionalized for the point of illustration.
Clear introduction to
the theories that you are using as a basis for your paper.
Complete and concise
description of the organizational approach to describing the character in
relation to the theories.
Clear use of scholarly
literature that includes current research, theory, and practice or a reflect
the “state of the art” or most important contributions in the area.
In text citations,
title page, and reference page are correct according to the APA 6th
edition writing style.
Paper is clearly
written, has a clear description of the character, clear, separate descriptions
of the two contrasting personality theories the character is framed with, and
demonstrated use of each theory’s terms, their meaning, and how they are
evidenced in the character’s personality.
The paper must be free
of spelling and grammatical errors, and at least 3 full pages of text ( 12 pt.
double spaced).
The paper should be
based on at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles and you may use the textbook
as a reference. All in text citations must appear on the reference page in APA

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