In an essay format (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) provide your answe

In an essay format (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) provide your answers to ALL following questions. Use additional sources to present your analysis.
Should companies impose their corporate values on employees? Why? Why not?
Should a company be held responsible for the actions of its investors or does a duty to shareholders trump such ethical questions? Elaborate.
Should companies reject investors that they perceive as misaligned with their values? Elaborate.
Is it a corporation’s role to take a public stance on a political situation, such as the one in Saudi Arabia? Elaborate.
As of June 2022, what is the current status of this company? What are the lessons to learn from this case?
The case study paper format:
Upload your paper to Canvas by 11:59 pm on Sunday. Papers submitted past this time will not be graded.
Rigor –graduate-level writing and research are expected in all written assignments
Follow the APA style – this is a requirement! If you do not know it, learn it!!!
Title page – the APA style – (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)
Reference page – follow the APA style to cite your references
Sources – use additional sources to strengthen your research and analysis – published between 2015-2022
Length of the paper – 3-7 pages, double-spaced
Page number – upper right corner of a page
Font – Times New Roman, 12
Include the following subtitles – Introduction, Discussion (add additional appropriate subtitles within this section; DO NOT use case study questions as your subtitles), and Conclusion
The UniCheck Plagiarism Check function is embedded in your assignment. You may submit drafts of your final reflection paper as many times as you would like until you are satisfied with your report score (which should be below 10%). NOTE: Each submission should be done in the APA format!!! Poor APA style might lead to a high plagiarism score. I am only going to review and grade the most recent file on the list of your submissions. It might take 10 minutes to 24 hours for UniCheck to generate the report.

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