In this unit, we explored how different types of construction projects create un

In this unit, we explored how different types of construction projects create unique challenges and safety concerns for firefighters and fire operations and how codes and regulations play a role in firefighting operations. For this assignment, you will apply these concepts to write an essay focusing specifically on buildings under renovation and buildings under demolition.
Begin your essay with a brief introduction. Your thesis should establish your opinion regarding why these two types of construction projects present unique hazards.
Next, in a well-organized discussion with strong evidence of critical thinking, you must accomplish the tasks listed below.
Discuss the construction process that occurs in each project type (buildings under construction and buildings under demolition).
Briefly explain the difference between fire code, building code, and construction standards regulation.
Summarize two codes (fire or building) for each project that you feel most directly impact fire resistance and firefighting efforts.
Determine the safety concerns unique to each project type. This should include firefighter safety as well as safety concerns that might affect firefighting strategy and operations.
Finally, you must locate and identify two incidents involving a fire—one for a building under renovation and one under demolition, whose outcome directly led to a change in either fire code, building code, or construction standards. Briefly summarize each incident, and explain why the change in code was enacted.
Your essay must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least two reliable sources other than your eTextbook to support your essay. All sources used must be properly cited and referenced in APA Style.

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