Instructions A key role a social work role in a medical setting is to critically

A key role a social work role in a medical setting is to critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate intervention and program processes and outcomes. Social workers are knowledgeable about evidence-informed interventions to achieve the goals of clients and constituencies, including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Upon graduation, you have obtained a job with a local VA hospital. You will work in the surgical unit as a hospital social worker who assesses patients’ needs and creates their discharge plans. After the first few weeks, you notice that most of your patients tend to discharge home with home health care services. The patients, and their families, often ask the same questions about additional community resources and financial assistance. To increase efficiency, you decide to create a discharge plan template that can be used for patients who discharge home with home health services. You have also decided to include local resources that may benefit patients and their families recognizing the implications of the larger practice context in the assessment process and value the importance of inter-professional collaboration in this process.
For this assignment, include a brief statement that explains the purpose of the discharge plan. Demonstrate how you would utilize the discharge plan to negotiate, mediate, and advocate with and on behalf of diverse clients and constituencies and facilitate effective transitions and endings that advance mutually agreed-on goals. Utilize resources that are local to where you live. Include at least five general health-related resources and five financial resources. Provide a brief description of each resource and how it may be of benefit to patients. Include any additional information that you believe is warranted, based on this week’s readings and your research .
Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.
Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages.

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