Instructions Carefully read the provided sample Paper 3-Final Draft below, for i

Carefully read the provided sample Paper 3-Final Draft below, for it contains some embedded instructions that supplement instructions given in class.
Remember that you have the option of re-submitting your draft, in case you want to add text to or edit your draft before the hard deadline passes. Make sure to follow MLA guidelines and instructor specifications as you put together this draft
properly quote, cite, and document your sources include a Work Cited page that contains entries for all the cited research texts
use subheadings (three in total) to organize your paper discussion and to keep you focused on the different topics incorporate three (3) sources/pieces of evidence per critique paragraph
Make sure to Underline the topic sentences for each of the critique paragraphs
Highlight in blue all quotes/paraphrases & corresponding cites to the evidence used by you
Bold, underline, and highlight in yellow the name of the proponent of each of the three (3) solutions Writing Tips
Whenever we are working on a major writing assignment, we want to keep a list of questions/problems/challenges that come up as we work. Sometimes as you work, you will find the answers and/or solutions to a question or problem. Sometimes you can ask a classmate, a friend, or an IVC Tutor
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for help. And of course, if you still have any specific questions left on that list, you can ask the instructor. Keep that list of questions handy, be on the look out for the answers to those questions, and make sure to ask for help.
Carefully read the “sample” paper below with embedded instructions.

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