INSTRUCTIONS: Create a DEI in Talent Management Project to address a simulated n

Create a DEI in Talent Management Project to address a simulated need.
Background and definition of the problem as you see it:
You are an employee in a fictional company (XYZ Company or make up your own name). The
CEO and board of managers are interested in exploring whether incorporating DEI elements into
their Talent Management structure would be a worthwhile endeavor. The company has been
making some general strides towards DEI and they believe it may be the time to start
incorporating it more deeply into the organization. However, there are competing projects and
needs before the company so before making a decision they have asked for a review of current
programs, research into the areas of DEI and Talent Management, explanations of what DEI and
Talent Management is, and a potential program of implementation so they can envision if its the
right fit for the company.
Create a plan that you would present to your simulated CEO and Board of Directors.
Things to write about:
• Explain what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at a level that
is appropriate to communicate to a CEO / board of managers (cite sources)
• Explain what Talent Management is, including the elements
of organizational talent management and how it is connected to organizational outcomes
at a level appropriate to communicate to a CEO/board of managers (cite sources).
• Benefits of including DEI into talent management programs on the individual level
and the organizational level
• Explain how you would incorporate DEI concepts into a future state Talent Management
• How would you determine the current state of DEI in your company (surveys, interviews,
data reviews)?
• What would the future state look like?
• Who would you suggest partnering with (which departments)? Human Resources
• Would you have any suggestions for organizational restructuring to make such a program
Future State Proposal – your report and recommendations to the CEO and board – what
information would you give them for them to make a decision and what would a future state look like where the company
incorporates DEI initiatives into the Talent Management program (brand awareness, recruiting, training and development,
succession planning, compensation, etc..).
1. A title page
2. Minimum of 6 pages and maximum of 8 pages of narrative. Pages should be double-spaced,
12-point font, Times New Roman.
3. Reference Page
4. Appendices Page as needed.
NOTE ON CITATIONS – you must show your research, provide ample sources in APA style
7th edition.
5. The paper should have a clear introduction, Body, and Conclusion. So, what is the problem
statement, the research, the explanation, the advice, and the proposal to the board? The key
points should flow from one to the next in a logical fashion. So, organize your paper for
flow. Ultimately you will want to offer your opinion to the board of if they should embark on
this program and your advice on how it should be structured.
6. They are asking for your recommendations, so this will require you to form an opinion,
therefore back up your opinions with citations so they can trust you did the research. For your
references when I click on the link it should take me to the article.
7. The paper must be done in Microsoft Word, Double-spaced, Typed, with 1-inch margins all

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