Instructions Please refer to the case study on pgs. 68-69 in the textbook. Answe

Please refer to the case study on pgs. 68-69 in the textbook. Answer the question thououghly in a SHORT paragraph.
You will then reflect before and after completing your readings for the module. In your reflection, address the following components:
Pre-flections: What do you already know about the topic before reading the textbook and reviewing the PowerPoint?
Reflections: What was your biggest takeaway?
Muddiest Point: What questions do you still have after going through the instructional materials (readings, PPTs, videos in vantage, knowledge checks, etc.).
The last three winters have seen the weather go really crazy. It can get cold but never enough for it to snow. Not like it used to do when she was young. Sarah can remember sledging in one of the local fields that was on the side of a hill. The whole village would be there, parents watching their children playing in the snow. Her grandfather used to take her. He said he used to sledge there when he was a boy too. They used to take a traditional wooden sledge that was a little heavy to carry up the slope, but it would fly down the hill over the deep snow. She loved the sensations of walking through the snow, how it was firm and soft at the same time. And if you fell off your sledge then it never hurt. The snow always protected you. They would stay there till they were too cold and it was too dark.
Now it just rains. Rains, rains and rains. Two years ago it rained so much that the river swelled by over three metres and burst its banks. The flooding was severe. A new estate that had been built near the river and the houses closest to it were inundated with water. The families in four of the houses needed to be evacuated by the fire brigade. The water damage was so bad that the families have not yet returned after eight months and are being put up in a local hotel. The repair work is likely to go on for another two months at least.
Sarah thinks that climate change would not affect her. She lives in Scotland and climate change was always something she thought would happen elsewhere and to animals, such as polar bears holding onto melting ice. But it is happening around her. She is worried about what it might bring in the future. The retirement home where her grandad now lives was also evacuated during the flooding just as a precaution. The rising water edged within a few metres of the ground floor. Already this winter it has rained nearly every day. If there’s another flood then this time it might reach the retirement home. Her grandad would hate that. He likes it there and would not want to be moved anywhere else.
She misses the sledging. She hoped to take her niece sledging in a few years when she is big enough. But it is just not the lack of snow. The hill has changed too. The flat ground at the bottom has become marshy and wet all year round. You need the flat ground to be firm so you can slow down.
What are the main wellbeing issues affecting Sarah?

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