Instructions Use the Federalism video and Federalism Paper No. 51 to answer the

Use the Federalism video and Federalism Paper No. 51 to answer the following questions. Submit your assignment as a Word doc or PDF.
-Federalism: U.S. v. the States – Annenberg Learner
– Federalism: U.S. v. the States – Annenberg Learner
On what legal grounds did the national government claim the authority to mandate that the state of Idaho allow the reintroduction of wolves?
By requiring that Idaho manage the wolves once they have been reintroduced, the national government was enforcing an unfunded mandate. What is an unfunded mandate, and why do states dislike them?
Using information from your textbook regarding the advantages of state-level policy (Chapter 3), what would be three advantages of allowing the state of Idaho to make its own policies in the case of reintroducing the wolves?
Using Federal Dollars to Buy Interstate Highway Safety
It is clear that the national government cannot directly legislate on the issue of drunk driving, but how has the national government managed to implement a national blood alcohol standard?
What is the difference between the carrot (incentives) and the stick (punishment) approach to national mandates? Based on the evidence in this video, which is more likely to be effective?
When Welfare Depends on Where You Live
What is devolution, and why has it gained favor in recent years?
Those who advocate for stronger states often argue that the states can serve as laboratories for policy experimentation. Explain how the story of welfare reform is a good example of different states trying different policies.
Using the list of advantages of national policy outlined in your textbook (Chapter 3), explain why it might be better to have national level policy regarding welfare.
Federalist Paper No. 51
Please refer to Federalist Paper No. 51 for the following two questions. It can be found in the Appendix of your textbook.
What does Madison mean when he says “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition”?
What are the two advantages that Madison cites in the republican form of government proposed for America?

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