Introduction You have found an unused log book in one of the desk drawers. As pa

You have found an unused log book in one of the desk drawers. As part of your duties aboard the ship, you are to keep a written record of your tasks. You have to keep busy on this ship or the Captain will have you walking the plank! Take a moment to reflect on the type of ocean waves you learned about this leg of the trip. In the open ocean, pirate ships don’t have any issues with tsunami waves, however, the story drastically changes when you’re at the harbour.
Navigate to and read the information about tsunami’s by NOAA. Focus on how tsunamis are generated and how their waves travel through the ocean.
Addressess the following items:
Write a brief first-person paragraph that portrays your imagined experience of a tsunami on a beach.
Describe the long-term effects and consequences of a tsunami. Consider changes in physical geography and cultures on both the local and global scale.
List and describe how tsunamis affect people who do not live on a coastline.
Do you think it is possible to make architectural changes to a shoreline to protect beachfront property from a tsunami? Explain your answer with examples and provide references.
Your journal entry should be at least 300 words. Thoughtfully respond to at least two other pirates: add to or enhance their list of long-term effects and consequences AND write a comment about their opinion on architectural changes. Each response should be a least 40 words (about 3 sentences). Please review the rubric to see how your grade will be assessed by the Captain.

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