Leadership Assessment Synthesis Paper This paper is a comprehensive leadership a

Leadership Assessment Synthesis Paper
This paper is a comprehensive leadership assessment of an individual who has a nursing administrative position in a health care agency or field of your own employment (e.g. hospital, hospice, school of nursing, outpatient surgery unit, clinic, etc.). Although you will need to define the status and title of the position, you are not to use identifying names of the person or the setting. Descriptions of the role and the setting are required. You will need to access the information from a job description, expectations for the role, performance appraisal guidelines, and required competencies.
Please review the rubric below in developing this paper. The paper should have a minimum of five pages and a maximum of 10 pages excluding cover and reference pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font 12. Invariably the question that comes up is: How many references should I use? A rule of thumb is at least one reference per page. Use only professional references which include nursing or other healthcare-related journals, professional websites, or textbooks. Newspapers and popular magazines are not considered professional references.
Utilize the topics given above as subheadings for your paper. This will keep it organized and easy to follow.
Grading Rubric Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.
Description of the health care system: Provide a description of mission, vision, philosophy statements/goals, organizational structure and other characteristics of the organization such as size, location, ownership, teaching/non-teaching, accreditation status, etc. (Please do not download directly from web site, develop a synopsis). 10 % Description of the nursing administrative position including fiscal responsibilities (amount of budget managed) and reporting relationship. Include how many staff under her supervision including their roles (RN, LPN, NUA, etc.) and the diversity of the workforce. Credentials needed for the position as compared to the credential of the manager being interviewed. 10%
Description of the nursing care delivery models used in the health care system. Describe the significant technology used at the agency including Electronic Health Record. 10%
Discussion of the leadership characteristics of the nurse manager/administrator. Describe the style and the sources of power frequently utilized. Provide specific examples. Use literature to support the description of leadership style. 10%
Discussion of the communication strategies utilized by the nurse manager/ administrator Provide examples and use literature to support the description of communication strategies. 10%
Description of the decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills of the nurse manager/ administrator. Provide examples and use literature to support the description of negotiation and conflict management skills
Discussion of standards of practice, innovations, specific projects recently implemented by the nurse manager/ administrator. 10%
Summarize the contribution of the nurse manager/administrator to nursing as a profession. Include membership to professional organizations, volunteer work, awards, etc.10%
Organization, clarity, grammar, and compliance to APA format 7th edition. 10
Number and use of relevant and updated references (minimum of five professional references). Inclusion of a copy of the agency’s organizational chart (scanned into the paper or configured as part of the paper. 10%
use references that are under 5 years . (2018-2022).

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